Club Penguin November 2011 Penguin Style Catalog Cheats + New Pin!

Halloween has passed and so has its style. Take off your costumes and get into some new clothes, the November Penguin Style Catalog is here. Check out all the cheats and more below.

Sweet, Fire and Water Kimono’s for the girl peng’s out there!

  • The Fire Flicker – 450 Coins
  • Fire Blossom Fan – 200 Coins
  • Fire Kimono – 450 Coins
  • The Water Ripple – 450 Coins
  • Water Lotus Fan – 200 Coins
  • Water Kimono – 450 Coins
  • The Tremor – 300 Coins
  • Earthquake Coat – 400 Coins
  • Seismic Sandals – 150 Coins
  • The Flip – 250 Coins
  • Solar Flare Suit – 350 Coins
  • Sunburst Sandals – 150 Coins
  • The Side Swirl – 350 Coins
  • Slope Suit – 400 Coins
  • Brown Snow Bunny Boots – 250 Coins
  • The Bad Hair Day – 400 Coins
  • Mint Condition Coat – 350 Coins
  • Lumberjack Boots – 350 Coins
  • Puffle Raincoat – 350 Coins
  • Yellow Rubber Boots – 280 Coins
  • The Sushi Master – 200 Coins
  • Sushi Master Uniform – 400 Coins
  • Sushi Tray – 150 Coins
How cool is that Sushi Master Uniform? Defiantly best Penguins at Work outfit! Like all other Penguins at Work outfits it has a special dance.
Click the pink flower by the bottom of the water kimono for the Pink and Blue Flower Sandals (160 coins each).
Click the blue penguin’s hand for the Brown Leather Cuffs (100 coins).
Click the paintbrush the purple penguin is holding for the Red Viking Helmet (750 Coins). Open and close it 4 times for the Blue Viking Helmet (1,200 Coins).
Click the bottom left window pane for the Fairy Flight Outfit.
Click the bottom right window pane for the Flashlight (120 coins).
Click the middle-left window pane for the Candy Corn Costume (100 coins).
Click the crack in the stage floor for the Frankenpenguin Outfit.
Click the unicorn’s eye’s for the Horse Costume.
Click the red penguin’s teeth for the Superhero Mask (100 coins).
Click the snow on top of the leaning pine tree for the Fuzzy Boots (250 coins).
Click the blue pendant for the Blue Duck (50 Coins).
Click the mountain top for the Green Wheeler (400 Coins).
Click the top of the pine tree for the Summit Boots (250 Coins).
Click the top of the pine tree for The Gnarly Helmet (200 Coins).
Three new backgrounds and one returned background in this months catalog. The only returned one is the bottom left background. And, by the looks of it, all of these backgrounds have a vague sense of Card-Jitsu to them, no?
Hot Sauce Pin
Grab the new Hot Sauce pin at the Cave Mine.

Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force Field Op #54

The new Pufflescape game was launched today, and we need to make sure the underground caves explored in the game are safe!

EPF Assignment 54

Click on your Spy Phone then click “Go There” for easy access to the Command Room.

Read your orders from G then go to the Mine Shack.

Stand by the Puffle Rescue equipment for your Spy Phone to ring.

Open your Spy Phone.

Read the directions then click “Engage”.

In this mini game, you must defeat the bots by entering X,Y coordinates for the gun to shoot (you must destroy 20 bots). So for example, in the picture above there is a bot at the coordinates 1, 1. Enter them in for the gun to shoot it.

The circle at the top left displays how much time you have left.

The bar below that displays how many bots you have destroyed and how many you still have to destroy.

Its pretty straight forward, but you have to move fast!

Once you destroy 20 bots in the given time you will earn a medal!



New Club Penguin Game: Pufflescape

Remember that game Pufflescape in the Beta Team section, the final version has launched and is available at the Pet Shop!

In the game you can use your own puffles to play with, or, if you don’t have any you’ll be Given a with a white puffle.

To those who have played Pufflescape before, the controls have not changed. If your playing for the first time check out the instructions above!

While in the game, if you get stuck you can press the notepad symbol at the top left. However, in order to unlock this feature you must collect atleast one Berry-O.


With this new game comes new stamps! Earn the 11 following stamps by completing challenges in Pufflescape.








Club Penguin Times Issue #315 – Card-Jitsu Party and Pufflescape Game!

The new Pufflescape game is now playable at the Pet Shop and Sensei has announced a Card-Jitsu Celebration Party coming Nov. 24th!

Isn’t that AWESOME!


Grab your puffle and head to the Pet Shop, because the new game, Pufflescape, is ready for you to explore! Guide your puffle through level’s finding hidden secrets and collecting Berry-O’s.

Card-Jitsu Celebration Party

Card-Jitsu! New Card-Jitsu games/adventures are infamous for being released in middle-late November. However, this month may be a little different according to Sensei. When asked about Card-Jitsu Snow, Sensei said it is not yet time, and only the elements can tell when it is time for Card-Jitsu Snow. Instead, Sensei will be holding a island-wide Card-Jitsu Celebration Party to get more penguins to study the ancient art of Card-Jitsu, Fire and water. He thinks if ninja’s join our journey it will bring about greater challenges.

So, you heard the grey colored, bearded penguin we all know as Sensei, more of you need to start your ninja journey’s! But this news leaves many theories and opinions to linger, so what do you think will happen? I wouldn’t be surprised if a snow storm plays a part in this celebration party or maybe over the Christmas Party!

2011 Halloween Igloo Contest Winners

The winners of the 2011 Halloween Igloo Contest have been announced!

Main Prize Winners

  • Abbeydoo2002
  • Barbie2700
  • Buddy21214
  • Crazycat709
  • Evster1
  • Flamebot12
  • Galki1
  • Hannah77366
  • Jasmine 7575
  • Johncena7565
  • Justin2101
  • Laila2004
  • Lu Lu 17
  • Maxiflid99
  • Mirymeg
  • Preston13253
  • Rybot2
  • Slamjamj
  • Susie me 2
  • Timmy45620
(Click to enlarge)
Congratulations to the winners and runner-ups!

Upcoming Events





New Buddies System in Club Penguin

Club Penguin has made an update to the Buddy system in Cp now you have Friends instead of Buddy’s.

While your playing you’ll get this pop up.

You can also choose your best friend.

This is what it will look like when you select the best friend button.

And now you can even look for a penguins name to be friends with.

But, heres the big one, YOU CAN HAVE MORE THAN 100 FRIENDS!

No word on exactly how many, but at least its more than it was (maybe you can finally have an unlimited amount)!

Here’s some other interesting things;

When you search for a CP character to add it will tell you you must meet him to befriend him (does this mean you will finally be able to have them on your friend list?)

When you search for Billybob you’ll get the message above.

When you search for Happy77 you’ll get “Happy77 is getting the latest scoop”.


Guess what happens when you try and add rsnail, gizmo and screenhog?…

You have the ability to send them a friend request!

I think this feature is pretty cool.

What do you guys think about it leave a comment below saying what you think.


Club Penguin Pufflescape Construction!

Club Penguin has begun construction on it new game Pufflescape in the Pet Shop.

The game will be Available on November 3d.

What do you think leave a comment below.


Halloween Party Scavenger Hunt & Free Item

The Halloween Party is back in Club Penguin.

Here’s a look at the home-screen.

To start of the Scavenger hunt click on the book on the right top corner of your screen.

It will open up to a book you will have to catch in the hunt.

The first ghost will be located at the Cove, click on the pile of candy so the ghost will come out then click on the ghost.

The Second Ghost is located at the forest.

Enter the Haunted house entrance to get to the next ghost and the spooky house.

Here is the Third Ghost.

The Fourth Ghost is located at the Mine Shack.

The Fifth Ghost is located at the Ski Village.

The Sixth Ghost is located on top of the Mountain.

The seventh Ghost is located at the Beach.

And the last Ghost is located at the Dock.

After your done click on the book on the screen and this will show up.

Click on continue and you will be rewarded with this BG.

Its pretty cool.

Now the free item you will find it inside the Haunted House.

Now walk in.

The Ghost Costume will be on top of the stairs.

And its now yours, Injoy the Party guys and any other news and cheats will be here as they come

Happy Halloween! 🙂